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Set after the events of the Rabbids Invasion, the game features a story centred around a futuristic version of the Rabbid characters, which were originally released in 2004 as Amiibo characters. A sequel, Rabbids Go Home: Wacky World Tour was released on November 11, 2012. Gameplay Rabbids Go Home is an action-adventure game. The Rabbids resemble small anthropomorphic rodents, but they are intelligent, evil creatures who wear outfits and use weapons similar to those of humans. There are a total of 32 Rabbids in the game, who all have their own unique abilities, unique gadgets, and can use unique weapons. Players can choose from five Rabbid characters: Pey, Pepo, Rok, Bubba, and Ray, who are all playable in either single or multiplayer mode. Each of the Rabbids' gadgets has its own unique abilities: for example, Bubba can do tricks with his "Bubble Frogger" device, while Ray can clobber opponents with his fist. Each character has a number of gadgets; for example, Pey can use a machine that slows down time and makes him an irresistible magnet to draw the Rabbids to him. The weapons in the game are divided into two categories: utility and combat. Rabbids can pick up items in the environment or use their unique abilities to manipulate certain objects. For example, Ray can toss red balls of energy at opponents and Pepo can turn light bulbs on and off. Some of the weapons are powered up by collecting power tokens. Unlike the Rabbids themselves, weapons cannot be held. They are activated by using them in a melee attack. Some weapons are used to manipulate the environment. For example, Pey has a set of foam bullets that he can use to attack enemies and make them spin around in circles, while Rok can throw hammers that set buildings on fire. The Rabbids can also use weapons by combining them with other weapons. For example, Bubba can combine his mini-fists with Ray's red balls of energy to create a fist that punches through his foes. The Wii Remote or Nintendo DS touchscreen controls the Rabbids and the weapons, while the 3D slider controller determines how many lives each Rabbid has and how many power tokens each character has. The game has two game modes: Online and single-player. Online mode has three different game types: Free for All, Team Battle, and Solo Challenge. The game can

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